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At Custom Periodontics, we are pleased to offer crown lengthening (also known as a gum lift) in Fort Worth, Texas.

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“Gummy Smile” Treatment in Fort Worth

If you suffer from what is known as a “gummy smile,” Dr. Shelby Nelson may recommend this procedure as an ideal solution. We invite you to contact our office at 817-738-2334 to schedule your crown lengthening consultation with our periodontist.’

What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a gum treatment that has both functional and aesthetic purposes.

We may recommend crown lengthening if your appearance is affected by what is sometimes called a “gummy smile.” A gummy smile is when the teeth appear abnormally short because of excessive gum tissue. The gum tissue may appear too bulky, or it might look like the gums come down over your teeth too far. In most cases, a gummy smile results from excessive gum tissue covering teeth that are of a normal length and shape. Our periodontist may suggest crown lengthening to correct this problem and give you a smile you can show off with pride.

We may also recommend crown lengthening to make a restorative or cosmetic dental treatment possible. If the tooth is broken below or very close to the gum line, or if insufficient tooth structure is left for a restoration, our periodontist may use crown lengthening to expose more of the tooth so a restoration like a crown or bridge can be placed.

Crown lengthening treatment involves simply removing a small amount of the gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth structure. It usually only requires just one visit to our office.

To learn more about the uses and benefits of crown lengthening, we welcome you to contact our office today.

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