Oral Surgery in
Fort Worth, TX

Custom Periodontics is proud to offer oral surgery in Fort Worth, Texas, to help repair our patients’ smiles. Oral surgery includes a variety of dental treatments, the goal of which is to improve the function, health, and appearance of your smile and the surrounding structures, such as your jaw.

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Oral surgery options in Fort Worth

Our experienced team will carefully evaluate your smile, and dental needs to determine whether oral surgery is your best treatment choice. You may require surgery if you have a periodontal infection that cannot be addressed with typical periodontal therapy techniques. In addition to repairing your gums, Dr. Nelson can replace missing teeth for a fully functioning, dazzling smile.

Our surgical options include:

If you have problems relating to the mouth, teeth, or facial regions, you can trust our compassionate periodontist to give you a comfortable and successful surgical experience. Dr. Shelby Nelson always strives to provide the most conservative treatment possible. Please feel free to contact our team to learn more about oral surgery and to schedule your consultation!

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